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This is My Garden

To help celebrate National Garden Month 2006, we've invited our visitors to share their garden tales with us. We hope you'll find inspiration in their stories and appreciate the pride of your fellow gardeners.

Garden Wish - Marian Z.

I live in Ulster County in New York and have the bad luck of deers destroying my gardens each year. I have tried the old wives tales of soap and eggs as well as new deer spray deterants which usually with the breezes ends up on me a lot more than the flowers and bushes, oh yes of course a sudden unexpected rain fall occurs after I sprayed. I had a beautiful stone wall that the plowers thought would stand up to their monster-like shovel, but has not. I would love to create a tranquil environments that is secluded from the deer world and passing cars where plants can be protected, weeds can be kept at bay, and my family isn't on exhibit. Not a huge space, but a special place with rocks, and stones and shading trees, colorful flowers and unusual planters. A place where slugs and bugs can be kept at a minimal. A place where my mom can visit and have a lovely siesta. A place where I can entertain and have it be a memorable occasion. I love where I am and only wish to have a lovely garden and not a garden to feed the wilds.

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