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Hooked - Kathy K.

Hello! Welcome to my Garden. I am attempting to put into words what is in my heart. I know that I will fail to paint the picture of what my garden truly is, but I will do my very best to lay out before you, the reader, the core of that which is my garden, and my deep connection and commitment to it.

First of all. My name is Kathy, not that it is very important, but I suppose an introduction is in order. I have two grown Children, both boys and one Grandson Dylan almost 2 years old. I am happily married now, but that has not always been the case, and my one passion that has carried me through life has been my love and my curiosity of the plant world.

I have suffered from depression most of my adult life, but didn\'t know what it was,until I was much older. My youngest son was diagnosed as being autistic at the age of 3. Through 3 abusive marriages, teenage years, the death of my parents, through tears of sorrow, through tears of joy, through all the ups and downs that life has thrown at me, one thing has been constant, my love of gardening. My Grandparents on my Mothers side raised me, my Grandfather had a garden, it was always a small garden, but I remember the fresh tomatoes and how good they tasted, my Grandparents on my fathers side raised a larger garden and my Grandpa worked bees, and my Grandma would keep scraps and make the most beautiful quilts, she would can, freeze and dry the harvest. As a teen I was not at all interested in the old ways of doing things, but I never imagined that I would come back to it later and wish I had paid better attention to what they were showing me.

I began gardening in earnest I suppose sometime after my youngest was diagnosed as autistic. I had put so much of my life on hold to try to help him, to teach him the small things that most mothers take for granted, the things I took for granted that my older son would learn how to do on his own, emotionally and physically it was draining, I needed something for me. First it was just flowers and a small flower bed in front of a rental house. Soon the interest grew, I began to study Herbs I knew I had been given catnip tea as a baby for colic, and my Great-Grandmother had mentioned that boiled onion skin was given to babies for the same thing, so began my quest for herbal cures, and that turned into a love affair with herbs of any kind. I got my first Herb book by John Lust. "The Herb Book", I was HOOKED, then the "Peterson's Field Guides" We bought a house no more leaving my herb gardens behind I thought, these are here and here to stay. I discovered the internet. When the marriage began to fall apart the garden kept me sane, when I had problems that I thought I could never solve, I would go weed, when it seemed the world would crash down on me, the herbs seemed to heal me. I was looking for a Master Gardener Program to learn more from. Unfortunately, the classes were during the day and I was a single mother and I had to work during the day. It took more than 10 more years for me to fulfill my dream of becoming a Master Gardener. All the while still collecting specimens, still learning more and more about starting seeds, still learning how to identify plants. I live now on a piece of heaven. My garden is not complete, I don\'t know if it ever will be, if it is, I will have to start over. I love ever inch of it. I look forward to every SPRING, I look for my friends who go on a vacation away from me in the winter months and then come back to me in the Spring, I love tending what nature has given me to care for. I feel honored to have been given the chance to care for such lovely "children" I have so many different varieties of plants that it would be impossible to list all of them, I share them with old friends and make new friends by sharing seeds and shoots and cuttings with others. I attempt to pass on my still limited knowledge to others. I look forward to the time when I can pass on my knowledge to my Grandson, hopefully he will wish to learn and that can be passed on for generations to come.

I now live my life on a bluff, in Tennesse, as close to nature and as close to heaven as I can get without actually being there.

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-- Juergen Steininger, Hollingsworth Peonies

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