National Garden Month

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To help celebrate National Garden Month 2006, we've invited our visitors to share their garden tales with us. We hope you'll find inspiration in their stories and appreciate the pride of your fellow gardeners.


The Wild Garden - Kathy F.

My garden began very small but now takes up most of my back and front yards. Gardening for me is a passion I unabashedly enjoy gluttonishly. The evidence of my passion is found in the spaces between the rocks of the back stoop, the plastic boots with frogs on my front porch, and inside the house in vases and places you'd never expect a flowers or tendril from a plant. The birds help me with seeding every year; I find plants and flowers I know I didn't plant there. It is a wild garden, free of form and filled only with what I fancy. There are rare things there and the commonplace; I find what I like and put it where I think it needs to be to become a part of my garden masterpiece. Of course, being a member of a garden club, I am able to share my bounty of plants with other gardeners who share theirs. My garden is like a hodge-podge from this garden and that one, yet it is truly only mine. It starts in the front yard where it takes up what used to be a boring lawn. I have flowering bushes and annuals that reseed among the perennials. My garden changes every year; it not only gets bigger, but I take out plants that have overun an area and I add plants that that enhance the look I want. It is a work in progress but perfect all the same.

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When You Garden, You Grow!

Every April communities, organizations, and individuals nationwide celebrate gardening during National Garden Month. Gardeners know, and research confirms, that nurturing plants is good for us: attitudes toward health and nutrition improve, kids perform better at school, and community spirit grows. Join the celebration and help to make America a greener, healthier, more livable place!

About National Garden Month

Why Garden?

"For me, gardening was born out of necessity to landscape barren property with few funds. Once I began digging things out of the woods, then transplanting them to the house, I read what I could find online and in books. Each planting brought another opportunity to fill a blank, as well as learn more about the diversity of the plant world. One of the many wonderful things about gardening, is that it is a never-ending source of learning."

-- Karen Manasco, Owner, Wuv'n Acres Gardens

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