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About National Garden Month

The National Gardening Association (NGA) is pleased to present National Garden Month, now celebrating its fourth year and gaining in prominence as thousands of people across the country passionately reach out and commemorate this time to focus on the essential connection between people, plants, and the environment. It’s an opportunity to discover simple ways to bring America’s backyards, schools, and neighborhoods closer to the rhythm of nature. A time of renewal and a reinvigorating return to our roots.

National Garden Month 2006 shares the GROW campaign theme, This is My Garden, reflecting the pride of nurturing the earth and the power of bringing forth life from bare soil. It heralds the achievement of millions of Americans who are working the earth in community, public, school, backyard, container, and rooftop gardens. As these gardens multiply and grow, the quality of our life is directly impacted: America is being transformed into a greener, more livable country, where the act of nurturing plants can influence education, health and nutrition, community, and local food sources. National Garden Month 2006 aims to get America growing, so that millions of people can proudly proclaim, “This is My Garden.”

Celebrity Co-Hosts

Rebecca Kolls, host of the nationally syndicated Rebecca’s Garden and former contributor for ABC’s Good Morning America and and Charlie Nardozzi, formerly of Garden Smart and a prominent horticulturist are the principal spokespersons for National Garden Month 2006. They’re joined by celebrities and horticultural personalities, including Peter Strauss, Kitty Bartholomew, Joe Lamp’l, Delaine Eastin, and Steve Frowine.


Across the country gardeners are celebrating National Garden Month in a variety of ways — and you can, too! To learn what’s happening in your community and how you can get involved, take a few minutes to explore the features on this Web site: our national events calendar, “how-to” gardening activities, a garden sweepstakes open to all, an environmental gardening poll, and more.