National Garden Month

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Trees in the Sustainable Landscape

Of all the plants that contribute to a sustainable landscape, trees are among the most important. Besides adding beauty to our landscapes, trees help the environment by taking up carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that is such a big driver in climate change. Read more »

Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard (and Front Yard Too!)

One of the most rewarding aspects of gardening is creating a landscape that not only delights our eyes and gives us space for recreation and relaxation, but welcomes in a wide variety of birds in as well. Read more »

Environmental Stewardship Begins in your own Backyard

Environmental Stewardship Begins in your own Backyard for much of the country, with the hint of warmer weather as the snowflakes turn to rain. Teachers and children alike are ready to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Read more »

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When You Garden, You Grow!

Every April communities, organizations, and individuals nationwide celebrate gardening during National Garden Month. Gardeners know, and research confirms, that nurturing plants is good for us: attitudes toward health and nutrition improve, kids perform better at school, and community spirit grows. Join the celebration and help to make America a greener, healthier, more livable place!

About National Garden Month

Why Garden?

"Whether you're young or old, rich or poor, employed or fancy-free, and gardening alone or with a group, gardening is the ideal pastime for your physical and emotional health."

-- Zuzu, Plants Admin, All Things Plants

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