How to Use, Store & Enjoy Farm/Garden Fresh Food

Courtesy of members of Les Dames d'Escoffier and their Green Tables Initiative.


From food writer Karen Levin (Chicago) -- Saveur Recipe Contest Winner! >>GO

From organic farmer Paulette Satur (New York) >>GO

From author Nathalie Dupree (Charleston) >>GO

From chef/educator Philippa Kingsley (Atlanta) >>GO

From food writer Terry Golsen (Boston) >>GO

From Green City Market Founder Abby Mandel (Chicago) >>GO

From author Lora Brody (Boston) >>GO

From author/TV personality

Mary Ann Esposito (Boston) >>GO

From author/educator Barbara Lauterbach (Boston) >>GO

From kitchenware storeowner Cindy Evetts (British Columbia) >>GO

From organic meat supplier Tina Hills (British Columbia) >>GO

From food writer/author Tina Wasserman (Dallas) >>GO

From restaurant owner Holly Arnold Kinney (Colorado) >>GO

From food publisher/publicist Dianne Hogerty (Kansas City) >>GO

From food writer/author Mary Ellen Evans (Minneapolis) >>GO

From food writer Lynn Ogryzlo (Ontario) >>GO

From food writer Shari Stern (Philadelphia) >>GO

From caterer Eugenia Theodosopoulos (Phoenix) >>GO

From food writer Cynthia Nims (Seattle) >>GO

From farmers market operator Ann Yonkers (Washington, DC) >>GO

Selecting, Storing and Using Fresh Produce

From produce marketer Nancy Eisman (Los Angeles) >>GO

From produce marketer Susan Dunn (Austin) >>GO

From Green City Market Founder Abby Mandel (Chicago) >>GO

Preserving the Harvest

From Green City Market Founder Abby Mandel (Chicago) >>GO

Ways to Get Your Family Eating Farm/Garden Fresh Food

From food writer/author Terry Golson (Boston) >>GO

From food writer/author Janet Fletcher (San Francisco) >>GO

From family food author/educator Lynn Fredericks (New York) >>GO

From kids culinary educator Linda Hopkins (Phoenix) >>GO

Resources for Teachers/Educators

From chef/restaurateur/author/educator Alice Waters (San Francisco) >>GO

From educator Daphne Derven (New York) >>GO

From educator Lynn Fredericks (New York) >>GO

From health educator Martha Lindgren Marino (Seattle) >>GO

"Food for Thought" Articles to Inspire Change

From author/professor Marion Nestle (New York) >>GO

From food writer Laura Taxel (Cleveland) >>GO

From organics distributor Debra Boye (British Columbia) >>GO

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