National Gardening Events Calendar

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Types of Events

If you're searching for an event, limiting your search to one of these categories may help you pinpoint it. If you're adding an event to our database, please choose the single event type that most closely matches your event.

Conference Groups and organizations sponsor regional and national conferences for members, often focused on a particular theme. Members share information about their projects and work, take workshops, tour gardens, enjoy keynote lectures, discuss the organizations initiatives for the coming year, etc. The International Master Gardenerx{2019}s Conference is an example.
Exhibit These are thematic gardening displays or installations for viewing in parks, arboreta, and botanical gardens, etc. Exhibits are usually in place for a period of weeks or months.
Festival/Fair Festivals are thematic celebrations related to gardening that offer fun activities for families, crafts and vendors, games, exhibits, workshops, concessions, etc. They usually take place outdoors or under tents.
Lecture Lectures are topical presentations given by experts in fields related to gardening, such as horticulture, agriculture, design, or botany.
Plant Sale On the goGarden Calendar you'll find sales that benefit organizations and clubs. We do not list for-profit businesses' sales unless they are presented in conjunction with a festival, workshop, or other event.
Show These are local, regional, or national flower, garden, and home shows. Shows usually include display gardens, workshops, and participating vendors. The oldest garden show in the country, The Philadelphia Garden Show, is an example.
Tour Clubs and groups offer tours of special gardens in their local area, or organize travel tours to famous gardens in other parts of the country or internationally.
Workshops and Seminars These are structured learning opportunities for gardeners that involve some hands-on practice or demonstration of gardening practices, garden-related crafts, etc.